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1. Villa Skyfall suite packages in full


The various suite packages (from 4 to 8 bedroom suite packages) include exclusive and private use of Villa Skyfall together with a single pick up and drop off ride to and from the airport for up to 2 guests per suite, a welcome drink, a hand towel on arrival, live-in Thai/English speaking staff, free use of communal tennis court on a first come first served basis, in house laundry and free use of Wifi. Each package includes continental breakfast for all guests each morning.


The daily rate is subject to a service charge and taxes of 17% and does not include staff gratuities.  Whereas any staff gratuity is completely at the discretion of the guest, it is always most appreciated and if you are satisfied with the staff service, please pay staff directly in cash at the end of your trip. All tips go directly to the staff and not the owners or management of Skyfall!


2. Villa Skyfall resident chef


A resident chef is included and will be available to cook brunch/lunch and dinner for guests each day at their request.


The ingredients for brunch/lunch and dinner can be purchased by the Villa Skyfall staff on request based on cash provided by guests, or directly by guests from the local supermarkets or seafood markets. Should you require the staff to purchase any provisions on your account, the charge for doing so is the cost of ingredients plus 20%. Meals prepared after 6 pm are subject to a single, one-off fee of THB1,000.00.


Additional speciality chefs, bar staff and waiters can also be hired on your account should you require them, as can the installation of a stage over the pool and musicians as required for parties. All costs are available from the resident staff on request.


Poolside dining tables and chairs are available free of charge for parties of up to 20 people. There is a charge for parties of more than 20 people.


3. Villa Skyfall entertainment & Wifi


There is free Wifi throughout Villa Skyfall. The Skyfall Spotify account can be accessed free of charge to play music throughout the villa’s extensive wireless sound system.  Guests can log into their own Spotify accounts to play their own playlists.


A wireless Airplay facility is installed in certain areas which allows guests to play their own mobile phone music via the villa music system.  Netflix is installed for use with the guests’ own password for TV shows and movies. Fire sticks are installed on all televisions to allow you to mirror your own movies from your mobile phones.


4. Additional features: Lift, Generator, Theatre and Tennis Court


Villa Skyfall enjoys a lift which links the car port to the main foyer and to the main bedroom landing area and theatre. It also gives access to the Main Bar and pool side area.


A private, 140 kVA diesel powered generator will automatically activate in the event of any power outages which will keep drinks cool, ice frozen, music playing and fans, lights and aircons working in the event of an island power outage.


Villa Skyfall also offers a dedicated theatre with 9 electrically operated fully reclining seats and built-in extending foot rests. Movies can be played in the theatre via your own mobile phones or via Netflix.


The use of the Estate Tennis Court is also included free of charge, subject to booking availability on a first-come first-served basis. Tennis balls and rackets can be rented from the Estate Management office as required.

5. Electricity allowance


An allowance of 200 units of electricity/day is included in the Villa Skyfall rental rate. Please note that for electricity usage of over 200 units/day (cumulative), a charge will be made of THB7.00 per unit.


To facilitate this, a reading will be taken at the beginning and end of your stay and the cost of electricity over and above your electricity allowance will need to be settled before you leave.

Please note the following:

i. Skyfall, when empty, consumes around 80 units of electricity/day to power the water and pool pumps and to keep all the utilities switched on. This works out at around US$16/day when billed by the Thai electricity board at THB7.00/unit (around US 20 cents/unit); 


ii. We provide guests a FREE allowance of 200 units/day which equates to around US$40/day.


Total cumulative units consumed in excess of 200 units per day x the number of days stayed will be charged at THB7.00/unit.


6. Transportation


A single pick up and drop off ride to and from the airport for up to 2 guests per suite is included in the price. Self-drive car hire, motorbikes & scooters as well as taxis to and from Villa Skyfall can be arranged via the Villa Skyfall staff on your account. Larger cars or vans with drivers for hire on a daily basis are also available for booking on your account.


7. Other events: sightseeing, in-house massage, yachting, scuba diving, shooting, golfing, go-karting, yoga sessions, elephant trekking etc


Please be advised that a range of events can be arranged for you on request on your account by your resident Skyfall Staff.


8. Booking Deposit Terms 


In order to book Villa Skyfall, a 50% deposit payment is required within 7 days of the generation of the invoice. The balance 50% needs to be paid no less than 1 month before guest arrival. Payment will need to be made directly to the Villa Manager, via TT or via PayPal as per any invoice generated.


9. Utility Deposit Terms


Please note that Villa Skyfall requires a cash deposit of US$4,000.00 (or in equivalent currency of the guest's choice) to be made by the guest on arrival directly to the Villa Manager (or which can be TT’d to the Management prior to arrival). The cash deposit will be held unbanked in the Villa Management office safe and will be returned to the guest in cash in the currency deposited prior to the guest's departure, subject to no damage to the villa or its furnishings and fittings being attributed to the guest’s stay and any/all outstanding utility and other bills incurred first being settled.


Low Season
(minimum 3

01/05/23 - 30/06/23
01/09/23 - 19/12/23
16/04/24 - 30/06/24
01/09/24 - 27/09/24
09/10/24 - 19/12/24

High Season
(minimum 3 nights)

01/07/23 - 31/08/23
05/01/24 - 07/02/24
15/02/24 - 15/04/24
01/07/24 - 31/08/24
28/09/24 - 08/10/24

Prime Season
(minimum 3 nights)

08/02/24 - 14/02/24

Xmas/NY Season
(minimum 7 nights)

20/12/23 - 04/01/24
20/12/24 - 04/01/25


  • Breakfast: Rates include continental breakfast but exclude service charge of 17%;

  • Tennis Court: Rates include free use of the communal tennis court subject to availability;

  • Lower Occupancy: The other bedrooms are locked. Guests still have FULL PRIVATE USE of all the villa facilities;

  • Extra Beds: US$55 per bed per person (on request only);

  • Full time live in staff: Live in staff included in rates;

  • Special rates: 15% discount on all stays of 7 days or more. NB Discounts not applicable to Christmas/New Year or Prime Seasons; 

  • Airport pick up: Rates include one-time airport pick up and drop off per person per visit

  • Staff tips not included but encouraged!

The Master Suite



Sunrise at Skyfall
(All rates published include daily breakfast, full time-live in staff/cook, one free airppick up and drop



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